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A higher quality of wellness

MagnaWave with PEMF

Using PEMF is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation, and reduce inflammation. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to the improvement of health without adverse side effects.

help your equine champion compete at their best

Aqua Treadmill

Training on the water treadmill has been proven to enhance endurance and power. Water depth, incline, and belt speed are used to provide a controlled environment for the rehabilitation of spinal conditions or injuries of the extremities.

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A well conditioned horse performs better

Priefert Panel Walker

Free walkers eliminate the need to tie your horses to the walker so that they can move about more freely and naturally. Panel walkers "push" the horse instead of "pulling" it. Horses that have never been in a walker before become trained to use the walker instantly.

All your horses’ muscles will get a boost when using a walker, resulting in stronger backs, faster reflexes, better coordination, surer footing, and suppleness that goes a long way toward avoiding injury.

improve your horses performance and condition


Infrared rays are capable of penetrating deep into the body, elevating the body’s surface temperature, and activating major bodily functions. The capillaries expand to stimulate blood flow, regeneration, circulation, and oxygenation. This promotes the rebuilding of injured tissue, the elimination of toxins (lactic acid), stimulates metabolism for improved digestion, and promotes the killing of many pathogens and parasites that cause illness.

Infrared rays relax muscles and relieve tension, producing a calming effect that helps the body to heal and reduce soreness.

Prevention is always better than cure

Aqua Spa

Cold saltwater therapy products support faster recovery, help reduce fatigue, improve performance and minimize the risk of injuries. Daily treatment can also greatly reduce the potential for injury and has proven to be an integral part of therapy strategy for all professional horse disciplines.

By regular use of cold therapy immediately after hard exercise, many of the stressors within tissues are removed before inflammation develops.

The rehab experience your horse deserves


30 Days...

Abby Moreland & her staff were amazing with Sassy! She came home today looking fit & fantastic physically and mentally content. Thank you Abby for doing everything you do! Sassy is ready to move forward!


Amazing facility and amazing people


Abby's passion for what she does and for the horses that come into the facility shines through in everything she does! Your horses will be well cared for, loved, and come out of these programs the champions they are meant to be! 

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