About Us

We are a Customizable, Western-Style
Equine Center & Event Venue
Near Billings, MT

Our Location

The Cottonwood Equine Center

11 CC Lane
Joliet, MT 59041

The Cottonwood

The Cottonwood Equine Center is a fully customizable, Western-style event venue. With a hands-on staff and plenty of experience, it's structured to make event planning stress-free and easy. The Cottonwood is located on a Montana ranch with a four-bedroom, five-bathroom lodge for on-location preparation and stays. It is perfect for equine events such as roping, barrel racing, etc. as well as concerts and more. It has more than enough room for livestock housing and event attendees.

Facilities - The Lodge

The Cottonwood makes everyone feel like a Champion

We hustle everyday to maintain quality facilities with the best ground. We want everyone from professionals to event attendees to have a worry-free, fun experience at The Cottonwood. This is our home, and we want it to be yours, too! That's why we do all the hard work necessary to make sure you create lasting memories at a place you’re excited to return to, again and again.


Our Promise

We promise to provide an excellent, safe, and fun Western venue where everyone can feel at home.

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