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Drawing Horses with Deanna Skillman

Join us for an Artist Weekend learning to draw horses with Montanan artist Deanna Skillman.

Booking includes:
  • Drawing Classes with Deanna Skillman
  • Meals & Snacks (Friday Dinner – Sunday Breakfast)
  • Lodging Friday & Saturday Night

COST: $597/person before June 20, 2019

*Bookings after June 21 go up to $697/person.


About Deanna

Deanna Skillman was born and raised in Montana. Her mom was from Lodge Grass, Montana and her dad is from Green River, Wyoming. Both her parents grew up ranching and in turn raised Deanna and her little brother the same. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember, encouraged by her parents from a very young age. Now, her husband continues on that encouragement and support.

“What I have is unique. Unique to me and to everyone around me. I can take a photo and reinterpret it on paper to share with the world of a life long in the past, a life that few have a chance to experience, a life I grew up with that I can share with everyone through my work,” said Deanna. “I do not have any formal training nor do I believe that anyone needs formal training to be an artist. Sometimes it comes so naturally for some people, and for others they have to work at it. But it doesn’t matter. Deep down, each one of us has an ability to create some form of art.”

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