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Show Day Essentials

Show days can be an exciting time, but they can also be stressful when you’re not adequately prepared. What you need to pack will depend on which type of show…
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4 Ways Horseback Riding Will Change Your Life

Horseback riding can be a daunting experience when you are a beginner. Cottonwood Equine Center is here to help you every step of the way! While everyone knows it is…
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horse show

Why You Should Attend Horse Shows

Attending your first horse show can be nerve-wracking but exciting. You must be prepared and put together before the event, which can be a lot, especially for a young rider.…
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equestrian center

Beginner Tips for Horseback Riding

Getting on the back of a horse can seem daunting at first. It’s not only a new experience for you, but it’s a new adventure for your horse as well.…
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horse anxiety

Handling Horse Anxiety 101

Unfortunately, horses can go through anxiety just like humans can and it is important to work through it just like you would with a human friend. Many everyday situations can cause anxiety in horses. That anxiety can appear in…
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