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Where do you go for fun with family and friends? In a world where NC-17 is the new PG and violence dominates the local news, is there anywhere left to truly let your guard down and enjoy time with the people you love?

Quit jumping from venue to venue, chasing a variety of events with lackluster facilities and mediocre memories. Choose to become a part of the Cottonwood family, knowing that you'll always feel safe, entertained, comfortable, and perfectly at home.

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The Cottonwood is THE place to be.

At The Cottonwood, we know how hard it is to find a comfortable, family-friendly environment with a wide range of entertainment - and that's exactly why we're so passionate about we do.

From equine events to concerts and everything in between, The Cottonwood Equine Center is ready to be your home away from home, ensuring a fun, authentic Montana experience for all who pass through.

Featured Events

Infinite Freedom Retreat

July 29 - August 2
wellness retreat, infinite freedom

Join us on a magical journey of connection, adventure, and freedom. The Infinite Freedom Retreat will allow you to connect and explore the barriers to your unlimited joy and abundance of freedom while igniting your soul. Be present for the ultimate experience to step back into your authentic self at The Cottonwood. Abby Moreland, Empowerment Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, is bringing you an experience that will change your life.


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